External link opens in new tab or windowInternationally recognized, effortless, at ease
with everyone and everything.
Small or large venue small or large band
13 piece horn section, steel drums,
 percussionists and vocalists, fascinating to see
Michael's uncanny ability to spontaneously interact
 with everyone. Truly a unique/remarkable experience. Imaginative writing, playing and entertainment style
is naturally inclusive. You feel as though you were
vacationing somewhere on a Caribbean island.
Limbo contests, conga lines, sing-alongs,
shakers for the audience , hula-hoop contests.
 Or just sit back and enjoy some great music.
The confidence and control that Michael has
when playing his horn, percussion,
singing or just entertaining
 is a real treat!

For a Staycation 

in your favorite location

I'll Drake you

to NEW  entertainment levels.

Experience emotions delivered to you

by my Jazzy Caribbean  music!



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  External link opens in new tab or windowPiano and voice keeping it mellow! 

  External link opens in new tab or windowGuests include: Paula Marie Bynum, Larry Moore, Ian Gould, Brad Campbell, Keith Montross and Gregg Starr     

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I perform my music and children's shows for many charitable events.   

Mr. Pickles for Salvation Army!

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for your promo ad from Michael!

I've created my own menu of music. Recording and serving eight CDs of original musical meals! I’ve mixed into them a diverse musical variety of spices and textures that provide a multitude of musical flavors, colors and scenes that entice and satisfy the aural palate. But now we offer a “meating” of the spirits, hearts and minds. It’s time to Savor the Music and Hear the Food! The Chef and I will create a menu that is the perfect blend of food and music at your home or restaurant.

 Trumpet Solos transcribed from all of my CDs. See what you hear.

External link opens in new tab or windowPublished Scores and parts of all my original music. Big Band, Concert Band and Orchetra

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          External link opens in new tab or window               External link opens in new tab or windowTons of video Poems Galore   

External link opens in new tab or windowIt’s a beautiful summer Saturday morning around 11a.m. You’ve been to the farmer’s market and you decide it’s time for lunch or a snack at the “Cup” or maybe People’s Park across the street. Suddenly you are taken by the sight and sounds of two trumpet players. You imagine that you have been transported to a medieval walled European village. You can see those clock-tower trumpets. Who are these guys on the corner of Clinton and Main who perform this music that spans the ages from Bach to bebop? About 3 years ago and quite by chance well-known local trumpet player Michael Drake (alias Mr. Pickles and No Tan Lines Band) and lesser known trumpet player Hal Kacanek (the dijeri-dude) happened to be walking into the same office store in Brookfield. Kacanek who had already been impressed with Drakes performances in the past, introduced himself. After a lot of trumpet talk, they figured there was enough in common to warrant they’re getting together to play a few duets. Three years later the number of duet sessions per week has gone from one to three and sometimes four. Kacanek who was formerly head of Carroll University’s music department and currently teaches World Music and Music Appreciation at MATC’s downtown campus says “it is one of the few social things that I enjoy that doesn’t put on weight.” 
They were having so much fun playing duets that they thought that it was logical to share their music with others. That was the start of 2Trumpets. Sometime early last year before the Steaming Cup changed ownership, Kacanek asked Kerry Mackay, steaming cup owner, if 2Trumpets could busk in front of his establishment for about an hour on a Saturday morning. He said let’s give it a try. After the first week he was treating us to delicious lunches and lattes. Jason and Cristina Tofte, Steaming Cup’s new owners, continue to encourage us with delicious food and libations. So much for putting on weight. Both men feel that performing outside allows them to evaluate audience interest. We want to know if what we play catches their attention and we can measure that by hearing their encouraging remarks and checking out the tip bucket. Performing for passersby gives the kind of edge you can’t get if you are simply practicing in the comfort of your own studio. Minor weaknesses suddenly become magnified and if you hadn’t discovered them before you’ll find out about them on the street. So the audience helps us to be better performers, better musicians, better players. In the world of music, if you have something good, you need to share it. Except for vacations (July 10 to 31st), inclement weather, an occasional paying gig like Summerfest, the duo can be seen and heard most Saturday mornings in front of the “Steaming Cup” starting at 10:30 a.m.

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Two great trumpets

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can add even more class

to a classy event.