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“If you limit your experiences

 you limit your successes”

“It’s not that I have talent

 I am just determined….

not to let the lack of my talent get in my way”

“If everyone thought the same, then no-one would be thinking”

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 Michael has many outstanding Clinics and Seminars just for you.

1. The entrepreneurial spirit.

2. What aligns with your molecular structure?

3. Recognize the qualities of your personality.
4. Fundamentals. The warm up, warm down.
Breathing, Air compression, Hatha Yoga, Posture, embouchure.
5. Creating signature riffs/melodic ideas. 6. Band leader. To be or not to be.
7. Find players with qualities that fill the needs and interests for everyone. 8. Etiquette on and off stage, never telescope discomfort with other musicians.
9. How to be a good sideman. 10. Recording / Producing. Why, where, how and with whom. Choosing the material, The mix / audio arena. Pacing, packaging.
11. Promotion.
12. Songwriting.
13. Developing a clientele base.
14. I want to be discovered?
15. I want to be rich?
16. I want to be just like Really?
17. Improvisation.
18. Cataloging all your materials.
19. Evolution of recording techniques.
20. How do I get hired?
What if I get fired? What if no one cares but Mom and Dad?
21. I spent all this time learning my craft why aren't people paying me the Big bucks? 22. Should I care what the audience thinks? Or should I think for the audience?
"Tap into my knowledge and experience"