A special thanks to the Kiddos at

"A Joyful Noise" Daycare

for their wonderful voices!




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#1 - Were you born Mr. Pickles?
#2 - Are your glasses real?
#3 - Is it your trumpet who most aptly sings  the song of your soul?
#4 - What are some of Mr. Pickles philosophies?
#5 - Who said "To Bee or Not to Bee?"
#6 - Were you a folk singer back in the day?
#7 - Who do you listen to now? #8 - Dreams?
#9 - Which comes first words or music?
#10 - Is it hard to write words to melodies?
#11 - What is the scent of the number 3?
#12 - What is the color of the number 8?

Let's Go on The Road with Mr. Pickles


Lego toy bus for sale! 




Hot Diggity Dog Diggity Dig into Reading video! 


 The Little people Waltz Club the Video!

Video Of Mr. Pickles Magic Show Coloring Book.   








Video Mr. Pickles sings Happy Birthday! Just for you!


 S69 W15651 Janesville Rd                                                              414-509-7055

Muskego, WI 53150                                                                 414-509-7962 (Fax)

June 21, 2019

 To Whom It May Concern:


It is my privilege to provide recommendation for Michael Drake, who I have had the pleasure of hosting several times to provide entertainment for children of varying ages, most recently at Rainbow Child Care Center in Muskego, and also at Grace Lutheran Child Development Center in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.


On each occasion I found Michael to be extremely professional.  The shows have always been of excellent quality and age appropriate.  Michael has a gift for keeping the children of any age he is working with engaged and delighted!

 If I can provide any further information, please feel free to contact me at any time.


Kindest regards, Donna Dennis



1060 Oconomowoc Parkway

Oconomowoc, WI 53066




Mr. Pickles is fantastic. All the children at our childcare center are so excited when Mr. Pickles visits. They love dancing and singing to all his songs. As educators, we love that Mr. Pickles will incorporate what our classroom themes are into his performance and he makes learning so fun. He has many different themes to choose from so all of his performances are different and keep the children engaged. We highly recommend Mr. Pickles for your childcare center.


Tabatha Luczak



Dear Mr. Pickles,

     Please accept this letter acknowledging the terrific job you do and the remarkable experience you bring to our families with your performances.  Everyone from the babies to the grandparents enjoy seeing and being part of your shows at our center. 

Both the parents and teachers feel that the children have learned a lot from your songs because they were having so much fun. 

     I have been in childcare for 33 years and have worked with many performers, but no one who can entertain all the different ages of children at one time.

I feel truly blessed to have found you, your humor, and love for music and the children have been the best possible fit for our center. 

     I hope that you can pass this letter of recommendation to a parent, childcare center or school who may be looking for such a wonderful, nurturing and FUN entertainer for one of their parties.  You may pass my phone number on to anyone who would like a personal recommendation, I feel strongly that every child should get to see Mr. Pickles perform.



Susan Clarke

The Children’s Center

Teach Early Childhood  

1710 N 24th street Milwaukee Wisconsin 53205



July 2, 2019


This is a letter of recommendation for Michael Drake also known as Mr. Pickles to us here at Teach Early Childhood. Mr. Drake came to our center and did a show for our children that they all loved. Mr. Drakes performance was lively, fun and engaging. I recommend any organization who works with children and is looking for educational, lively and a fun way to entertain them to call Mr. Drake and he will be sure to deliver a great time.




Veronica Ovanin


To Whom It May Concern:

                I have had the privilege of working with Michael Drake as Mr. Pickles for an event and wanted to write a letter of recommendation for any future jobs. 

I first saw Mr. Pickles perform at Strawberry Fest in Cedarburg and knew that he would be my first choice to book if I ever needed someone for family entertainment.  I am a pediatric dentist with a dental practice in Germantown, Wisconsin and we threw a large open house for our patients and community and were looking for a children’s/family entertainer that would not only be a fun addition to our event, but would work with us in a professional manor. 

                 He took the time to customize songs to our event and our business, which was more than expected and a pleasant surprise.  His energetic demeanor and fun attitude were apparent in everything that he did.  The children felt comfortable around him and loved to participate in his songs. He added a great deal to our event and provided hours of entertainment that the families and staff enjoyed and still talk about months after the event.  I was pleased with his professionalism and promptness when answering emails and phone calls.   Overall, he was a pleasure to work with and I will use him in future events.

                I would recommend Michael Drake for any type of event where you want a fun addition that will not disappoint. 



Kyle Menne, DDS

Dental Professionals of Germantown













Bang To The Thang, Interactive, inclusive, instructive, hands on and educational children's show using tons of drums and percussion!

Fizz!  Bubbling, hissing, Boom!
 Drums and percussion!
 The science of sound!   Very Interactive, inclusive, instructive!
 Hands on educational children's show!  
Tons of professional drums and percussion!
 Kids are the creators creating rhythms
using my professional percussion instruments!
 Reading words, notes and even faces!
Seeing what you hear
and hearing what you see!
  I'll teach them how to read, how to listen,
how to play and how to think how to perform!
This is how it works!
5 to 8 kids at a time come up to the stage
 and I dress them up
in cool vests, a hat and a drum stick.
 I give them a simple rhythm to play,
 add a little choreography with
"Sticks" in the air!
 They spin this way then that way
while I'm playing my golden trumpet!
 Then they stand in front of the drums,
 we all take a bow while the parents
take pictures!
It's really a hoot!
It's all about the kids performance,
that's what makes it spectacularly special!
  The kids line up and can hardly wait to get their turn!






Mr. Pickles has 9 poem stories set to music! In addition he has large table top books to look at! English and Spanish for all the kids to enjoy!

Mr. Pickles Coloring Books!

The Scribble Pad

 Buttons Galore! 

Mr. Pickles In California







The Growing Books In China


T's Me On Demand

T's Me On Demand

Little T's On Demand

Little T's On Demand

Poster It On Demand

Poster It On Demand

You Pick 'em I'll Stick 'em