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 View all CDs of my Original Music!

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#1 - Were you born Mr. Pickles?
#2 - Are your glasses real?
#3 - Is it your trumpet who most aptly sings  the song of your soul?
#4 - What are some of Mr. Pickles philosophies?
#5 - Who said "To Bee or Not to Bee?"
#6 - Were you a folk singer back in the day?
#7 - Who do you listen to now? #8 - Dreams?
#9 - Which comes first words or music?
#10 - Is it hard to write words to melodies?
#11 - What is the scent of the number 3?
#12 - What is the color of the number 8?

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Mr. Pickles Reads,Sings and Plays for you with Video poems! English, Spanish, Listed in Wisconsin Children's Performance Directory -  Authors, Musicians. Story Tellers www.dpi.wi.gov/pld/performers.html

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Mr. Pickles In California

Mr. Pickles in California and The Island Kids Show!



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The Island Kids Show 

Bang To The Thang, Interactive, inclusive, instructive, hands on and educational children's show using tons of drums and percussion!

Live "Pickles" the Roaming Reader


The Growing Books In China


T's Me On Demand

T's Me On Demand


Little T's On Demand

Little T's On Demand


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Poster It On Demand

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