I've been blessed to have Paula sing and record

 with me for many years.  

Paula pours her heart into her voice.

I'm thrilled to hear the thoughtful,

soulful interpretations she

brings to our gigs and my songs.

Paula Marie Bynum is truly one of a kind!


Welcome To My Island


Never Gonna Leave You

Please Don't Love Me From A Distance

Lovin' and Livin'

So Glorious

I'm Still In Love With You


Keith and I worked together in a Jazz band called Nexus. He has a song entitled "In Your Arms" on a cd of his

that I fell in love with. I was inspired to write some lyrics,

make some alterations to his original recording ,

 add the vocal stylings of Paula Marie Bynum,

who has been recording and playing with me for years,

a little fluegal horn and there you have it!  Take a listen!


Long time friend Greg Starr, Pianist - Composer, and I
have collaborated on one of his original piano pieces,
Larry has done some Big Band arranging for me and below is a piano arrangement version and his performance of my song
 "When I'm With You"
 which I previously released with my full band on my CD
Go HERE  for Larry's Bio
wrote a wonderful trumpet duet version of Happy birthday,
So here we are on trumpets!