"The Ultimate

Vacation Spot"


"A Unique Talent"


"Cures my cabin Fever like a Margarita slakes my thirst"


"Considerably cheaper

than an airplane ticket to Jamaica"





Michael plays exclusively





Internationally recognized, makes it all look so easy.

Always completely at ease with everyone and everything.

Small venue or in concert with one of his larger bands -

13 piece horn section, steel drums, percussionists and vocalists,

fascinating to see Michael's uncanny ability

to spontaneously interact with the audience.

It's truly a unique and remarkable experience.

Imaginative writing, playing and entertainment style is naturally inclusive.

 You feel as though you were vacationing somewhere on a Caribbean island.

Limbo contests, conga lines, sing-alongs, shakers for the audience

 and (if you dare) hula-hoop contests.

Or just sit back and enjoy some great music.

The confidence and control that Michael has when playing his horn,

percussion, singing or just entertaining is a real treat!





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