"The Ultimate

Vacation Spot"


"A Unique Talent"


"Cures my cabin Fever like a Margarita slakes my thirst"


"Considerably cheaper

than an airplane ticket to Jamaica" 



Long time friend Greg Starr, Pianist - Composer, and I have collaborated
on one of his original piano pieces, "June"
                                  using the warmth of my Fluegel Horn.                                          (Click HERE to listen!)
                    Greg's latest newsletter can be found HERE. 
 Mr. Starr's "Quiet Rain Music" specializes in creating music to quiet
your world, to soothe your soul.  Music that lets your mind
wander and dream. He's committed to creating high quality music
 that brings balance and peace into your hectic life.
  I'm thrilled to be a part of his musical world! I trust you will as well!


Dick Elliot                        David Drake

Dick Eliot                         David Drake



                                          J Ryan Trio                                                                                                 J Ryan Trio

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Highland Investment Co.


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         Pheonix Markeing Group            Shape Up Shop Squared Circle Productions

                  Phoenix Marketing Group Inc.

              West Allis Wis. 414-453-2700


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    Critics Choice 

           This is what they're saying...

              Tropical retreat. 

              Spicy Latin beats,

              Good natured sense of fun. 



       Michael's Island of the cheese

       and home of the brews.   



       Master of Island  vacation music,

       cures my cabin fever,

       like a margarita slakes my thirst,

       the pina in your colada.  

       Tom Purdy – Just A fan


       Fantasies of balmy moonlit nights,

       sun-splashed days,

       margarita-enhanced hoofing.    

       Tim Forkes - Shepherd Express

       A creamy drink

       one part Latin rhythms,

       one part Jamaican rhythms,

       one part smooth Caribbean flavored Jazz. 

       Dave Luhrssen - Shepherd Express

       Fine ear food 

       balmy calypso tunes,


       feast for the musical taste buds 

       C.E Hanifin – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

       Bright dance rhythms

       User friendly melodies.

       Superb striking trumpet solos,

       musical beachcomber. 

       Dave Tianen - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

       Spicy, horn-fueled melodies


       Visitors to his rhythmic island

       will have a hard time sneaking

       their worries and inhibitions past

       the good time guard at customs.

       Jim Hoen - Visions

       Hippest  trumpet  player  alive! 

       Bring your dancin’ gear

       and beach tongs

       to his fantabulous island!

       Padraig Fionn - Steppin’ Out

       Jamaica is everywhere beach music .

       Michael Horne - Downtown Edition

       The Flamingos   might be plastic,

       but the island beat is genuine!

       Heat quenching toe tapping tropical rhythms.          

       Sarah Stoll - Leblanc Bell Magazine

       Invitation to a tropical party.

       Style and energy.

       James Bryce - VSM

       Unique talent

       Contagious laugh

       and his horn,

       has contagious melodies!

       Joel Burbach - Artesian Water



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