White wine  from California’s finest vineyards, reminiscent of mango and other tropical fruits. It's not sparkling but clean and crisp with a not-too-obvious sweetness. Served chilled, great with white meats and grilled vegetables.





A premium red dry wine varietal bold full-body

with flavors ranging from black currant, cherry, plum, chocolate.
A little spice and tannins that stain up
to red meal and big bold sauces.






A white wine from California with fruit flavors
of apple, pear, tropical fruit, citrus and melon.
Serve chilled, complements fish, sea food,
salads, veal and poultry.


is an easy drinking wine with a subtle,

mellow flavor and a berrylike bouquet.

The wine’s sweetly perfumed aromas, its prompt charm,

 its youthful, easy, softly fruited flavors so neatly coincide with the tastes of the gentle-mannered people of this most
ingratiating of Italy’s regions. Merlot has become the most widely cultivated
red grape of northern Italy.





“A Lovely, light red wine”

This lovely light red wine from the Veneto region of
Italy is a bright garnet color, well suited to any meat

 or sauce dish.  It marries well with cheeses and appetizers.

 The Flavor and aroma is reminiscent of Bing Cherries.

This easy drinking wine can be served chilled

and with your best barbeque.




“One of Italy’s most favorite white wines”

The Pinot Grigio grape is a clone of the Pinot Bianco
Grape. Today, Pinot Grigio stands as one of Italy’s most fashionable white wines.  The aroma of fruit dominates the
bouquet while the taste impressions are round and smooth.

 A light wine with pleasant flavors of honeysuckle, fig and orange blossoms, finishing with nice crisp citrus overtones. Serve chilled.